Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle

In past years it was thought that cardiovascular exercise, such as running, was the best way to burn fat. However, nowadays experts have switched their beliefs to a more intense workout, such as weightlifting for the best results when trying to lose weight. Resistance workouts get the body working quickly and burning fat even quicker. Exercises that involve the whole body, such as dead lifts, squats, or lunges make your whole core work hard.

Not only will you lose weight from these core workouts, you will also be building muscle on top. All workouts are also accompanied by a diet when on a weight loss plan. If you are trying to build muscle, you would want to incorporate a lot more protein into your diet than you normally would eat. Proteins such as egg whites in the morning, and chicken throughout the rest of your day is healthy and low in fat. You can also take protein supplement shakes that are loaded with beneficial protein for when you muscles are rebuilding after an intense workout.

If muscle gain is not part of your goal, you may want to stick to a more cardiovascular workout. Cardio and healthy eating will more than do the job for healthy weight loss. it is important to note that if you do go the cardio route, you should not just jog at a continuous pace, but do a type of interval training where you run at different intensity levels for the most effective weight loss.

Finally, as I have stressed in most of the articles on this blog, you should set realistic goals for yourself and figure out where you want to be. Weight loss and health is not something that is short term, you must continue some type of diet and exercise to maintain the weight that you lose as well. Do not get discouraged in your weight loss routine as well.

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Fasting for Weight Loss

People will try anything to lose weight quickly and easily. The truth of the matter is that it just isn’t that easy and if it is, its not healthy for you.

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The idea of fasting has been around for thousands of years, but is it really an effective way to lose weight. Most places that you do research you will find that it is recommended to not skip meals or to not eat less as a way of losing weight. Fasting, however, has been considered by both sides of the argument as not really a starvation diet, but a needed shock to your body. The main question here is is it effective for weight loss? And is it effective a long term solution?

The answer is both yes and no. Yes, it will cause you to lose weight because anyone who does not eat for a period of time will lose weight no matter what their body type is. A person would normally burn 2,000 calories a day without exercise, just by doing their normal day to day activities. When a person goes on a fast there are no calories taken in your system, but you still burn the ones stored in your body. This however makes your body go into a “survival mode” where your metabolism slows down to maximize the stored fat in your body in order to survive.

Anytime your metabolic rates slow down, it is not a good thing. This will cause you to make less energy for your body and also retain more and more calories. On the other hand though, it has also been said that fasting is a good way for our bodies to be able to clean themselves out, removing harmful toxins from the body. However, this is only short term. Fasting for long periods of time can lead to serious medical complications.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Can YOU Lose 2 Pounds per Week Safely?

Losing weight has become the task of many people around the world today. It is possible to lose weight very quickly, through diet and exercise, but is there a point were excessive weight loss can become bad for the body? the answer here is most definitely yes.

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The most weight you should be losing per week is just about 2 pounds. The body has to be able to adapt to the weight you are losing and needs time to compensate. Also, a lot of uneducated weight loss hopefuls end up starving themselves because they end up cutting more calories than they should. These “starvation” diets work initially but when they return to their old eating habits, the “dieters” quickly shoot back up to their old weight and oftentimes, they surpass the weight they were at before they started the diet. Cutting calories by that much and making a habit of it can also lead to certain eating disorders such as anorexia.

The best way to lose 2 pounds a week effectively and healthily is by trying to cut your caloric intake by 1000 calories per day. Since 3500 calories equals 1 pound of fat, 7000 calories is 2 pounds that you would have no eaten throughout your week. This, combined with eating the right food and doing regular exercise should get you to the 2 pounds per week that you have been trying to work towards. If you have just started your workouts and dieting, take it slow. Don’t try to just jump into a strict diet with a hard workout regimen because you WILL burn yourself out. Take it slow, set goals for yourself, and stick to something you know you can do and then work towards making the major changes once you know you can do it.

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Jogging and Weight Loss

It is commonly known fact that exercise is needed for healthy weight loss. Exercise does not necessarily mean lifting weights either. There are many ways to get the cardiovascular exercise you need including walking, running, jogging, swimming, or even your favorite sport. Today, I plan to cover jogging because there are certain ways that jogging can help you, but if done improperly, can actually be a detriment to your work out.

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Jogging, how most people do it, is actually bad for losing fat. The reason being that when you jog for long distances it starts to eat away at your muscle for energy rather than your fat. This is a common problem for most long distance joggers. Also, when you break down muscle like this, it can actually slow down your metabolic rates and you can actually gain weight in the end.

The best way to job is to do it in intervals. An example routine would be to run at high intensity for about 10-15 seconds, which will raise your heart rate. After that you slow down to a walk or slow jog for about 20-30 seconds. Repeat that for about 20 minutes and you will be burning fat and preserving, and most likely gaining, muscle. If possible, try to avoid jogging for long periods of time - Don’t go for more than 20 minutes.

Remember that any exercise you do is going to be beneficial to you in some way or another. Just get out and try to have fun with your work out or maybe even join your favorite recreational sports league if a jogging routine like this doesn’t work for you.

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Weight Loss: Exercise and Diet

Weight loss is something that does not just happen because you signed up and semi-stick to a diet plan that you saw on t.v.. To effectively and healthily lose weight, it takes a combination of both diet and exercise, as well as dedication and hard work.

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To begin, you will want to re-evaluate your current diet. You will want to drop most of the fatty foods you are eating and go for the healthy ones. For meats, you will want to stick to the less fatty ones such as chicken, but all types are a good source of protein. You may also want to eat some nuts or peanut butter for protein.

In addition to protein you need fruits and vegetables. As long as you eat them the right way which is by steaming them, there is a lot to gain from having them in your diet. In fact, with all the vitamins and nutrients in each of them they are very important to your diet. But there are some that are much better at helping you lose weight. Some of them include fruits, such as, plums, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries (have tons of antioxidants), watermelon, pears, plums and cantaloupe. There are more, but these are the more popular, and all of these taste great, so you are bound to find something you like.

As for vegetables, dark green vegetables, carrots, lettuce, spinach, artichokes, cucumbers and tomatoes all help you burn fat fastest. Another great part of adding fruits and vegetables to your diet is that many of these fruits and vegetables are negative calorie foods. Negative calorie foods are just foods that take your body more calories to burn than gained by eating them, it is only good to have up to 10 of these foods a day.

Finally, you MUST include some type of exercise to go along with your diet. Whether it be walking, running, swimming, or even some type of sport, you have to do something daily to keep your heart rate up and keep you losing weight healthily. I recommend going to see a nutritionist and a personal trainer to get an idea of the things that you can be doing for exercise.

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Your Health: Before and After Weight Loss

Being overweight or obese has many negative effects on the body. Your health is a major concern with people who have excess body fat, and should not be taken lightly. If something is not done, extra weight can lead to permanent damage to your internal organs, or even death.

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Some of the most common effects of excess weight on the body are high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney problems, diabetes and much more. Fat has also been known as a storing place for carcinogens, which are a chemical that causes cancer. These are all very serious conditions, and if you do not take care of your body they can easily become a reality for anyone with extra weight.

Once you have decided its time to make a move and change some things in your life concerning your weight, it is important to choose a weight loss program that works for you. You should combine a healthy diet with a daily exercise routine to lose weight quickly and effectively. Stay away from diets that extremely change what you eat or tell you to eat a very small amount of food each day. Remember, it is good that you are losing weight, but if you lose weight too quickly, that can also have a negative effect on the body as well. Your body must adapt to the changes that you are making, so it should take time.

As the weight comes off, you will start to feel better not only physically, but mentally as well. you will feel healthy and proud of the changes you have made.

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How to Lose Weight

Losing weight is really not as hard as everyone thinks. There are a few things that anyone can change in there diet that can make a huge difference when trying to lose weight. Here is a small list of a few things you can do to better your health and start to burn off some fat.

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1) Set goals for yourself. Having a goal or something to work towards can give you the drive needed to either get started on your weight loss program or even push you to the next level.

2) Eat a hardy and full breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of your day because it gives you the energy and vitamins needed to push your through your day. It will also jump start your metabolism for the day and get you burning calories.

3) Drink water! Drinking water is a very healthy replacement for any soft drink or sugary juices. You will want to drink at least the minimum 8 glasses a day to help clean out the inside of your body. Drinking water all day can actually deter you from snaking as well as speed up your metabolic rates throughout the day.

4) Be aware of how much you are eating. Make sure that you know exactly what it is that you are eating and how many calories that your are consuming throughout the day. Remember that 3,500 calories is exactly 1 pound of fat - they can add up quickly.

5) Exercise! Exercise is an essential part of any weight loss routine. You must have some type of daily exercise to lose weight effectively and healthily. Remember that any exercise is better than none, so if all you can do is walk, do it!

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Recipe For Reigniting Your Youthful Energy

While you can use herbs to enhance your energy and vitality, remember that many health problems, some of them quite serious, can leave you feeling fatigue.

While you can use herbs to enhance your energy and vitality, remember that many health problems, some of them quite serious, can leave you feeling fatigue. If you have the run-down feeling which doesn’t subside in a few weeks and you still feel sluggish, consider seeing a doctor.

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One of the leading causes that causing you the “run-down feeling” is an underactive thyroid gland, a condition called hypothyroidism. The thyroid plays a key role in regulating metabolism. If the gland is underactive, you don’t burn enough calories to fulfill your body’s energy requirements.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism include fatigue, loss of appetite, inability to tolerate cold, a slow heart rate, weight gain, painful menstrual periods, a milky discharge from the breasts, fertility problems, muscle weakness, muscle cramps, dry and scaly skin, a yellow-orange coloration in the skin (particularly on the palms of the hands), yellow bumps on the eyelids, hair loss and depression. The most common symptoms are fatigue and intolerance to cold. If you consistently feel cold while others around you are hot, you may be suffering from reduced thyroid function.

The thyroid gland is the body’s internal thermostat, regulating the temperature by secreting two hormones that control how quickly the body burns calories and uses energy. If the thyroid secretes too much hormone, hyperthyroidism results; too little hormone results in hypothyroidism.

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Hypothyroidism affects about 13 million people in the United States, about 90 percent of whom are women. Women between the ages of thirty and fifty seem to be most prone to this condition. It is estimated that one in eight women will develop a thyroid condition at some point in her lifetime.

Thyroid problems can cause many recurring illnesses and fatigue. The thyroid can be affected by poor diet =, fluoride in the water, excessive consumption of unsaturated fats, endurance exercise, pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables, radiation from x-rays, alcohol, and drugs.

Thyroid Self-Test

To test yourself for an underactive thyroid, keep a thermometer by your bed at night. When you awaken in the morning, place the thermometer under your arm and hold it there for fifteen minutes. Keep still and quiet. Any motion can upset your temperature reading. A temperature of 97.6°F or lower may indicate an underactive thyroid. Keep a temperature log for five days. If your readings are consistently low, consult your health care provider.

The Proline-Rich Polypeptide component found in colostrum, with its ability to regulate underactive immune response can be indispensable to people with hypothyroidism. Other factors contained in colostrums repeatedly contribute to the healing of the intestinal lining; in some cases of autoimmune disease, the triggering agents filter from the “leaky” gut into the bloodstream.

This is why individuals with autoimmune diseases usually respond so well to colostrum- it helps to repair the gut that may be leaking foreign bodies into the bloodstream that trigger autoimmune response.

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Do Drink More Water

Drink plenty of water each day

Drink plenty of water each day. That sounds so simple, but so few people adhere to this good advice. Water is a basic necessity, needed to maintain a healthy body, a clear mind, and a good balance within your tissues. About 60 percent of your body is water, and you must constantly replenish the supply, as it's used continuously in the processes of life.

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So why do so many people fail to drink enough water? Many people don’t like the taste of water and have never gotten in the habit of drinking it.

Health and fitness experts say that drinking plenty of water is vital to maintaining good health and peak athletic performance. But even if you are not an athlete; you should drink plenty of water each day. The current recommendation for water is to include beverages with each meal and as your thirst dictates. The only exception is for athletes and they should use the guideline of replacing each pound lost during exercise with 2 cups of water. Your body absorbs water not only through liquids ingested but also from food. Many fruits and veggies are more than 80% water.

Water makes up more than two thirds of the weight of the human body, according to the National Institutes of Health. Without water, humans would die in a few days. All the cell and organ functions depend on water for functioning. It serves as a lubricant and forms the base for saliva and the fluids that surround the joints. Water regulates the body temperature, as the cooling and heating is distributed through perspiration. Water helps to alleviate constipation by moving food through the intestinal tract and thereby eliminating waste. If fluid levels aren’t up to par in a cell, it’s not going to be able to carry out its function. Each cell has a special function and its efficiency level will increase or decrease depending on the hydration level.

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Steamy bedroom sessions are leaving couples tired because they are not drinking enough water to replenish their fluids, according to new research. Dehydration leads to fatigue, lethargy and headaches, meaning couples risk waking up the next day sapped of their energy and libido if they do not take enough water on board. Half-an-hour of making love can be as strenuous as a three-mile run, but only 42% of people drink water after making love.

Early symptoms that one is not getting enough water include dizziness, headaches, fatigue and diminished concentration. So if you drink enough water, you are going to feel better. Benefits of drinking plenty of water include improved muscular and cellular function and better brain function. 

Don't rely on thirst to tell you when to drink. By the time you feel thirsty, you're already mildly dehydrated.

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Risk of Overweight For Youngsters Who Skimp On Milk

Youngsters who skimp on milk and other dairy food to avoid calories actually appear to substantially increase their risk of becoming overweight.

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In United States, too much weight is the most common medical condition of childhood. The problem has doubled over the past two decades. In 2004, about 15 percent were considered overweight or obese. The overall cause is both too much food and too little exercise.

Several reports in recent years have shown health benefits from dairy products, despite of their fat content. One research has nonetheless shown an unusually striking effect on weight as children go through their teens. Youngsters who skimp on milk and other dairy food to avoid calories actually appear to substantially increase their risk of becoming overweight.

2 servings of dairy food a day are linked to a substantial reduction in adolescent fatness. This was the finding revealed in 2004 by a research, based on the Framingham Children’s Study and conducted by Boston University of Medicine.

Childhood dairy intake has been falling for the last 20 years partly as youngsters have switched their preferences from milk to soft drinks. Youngsters consume less and less as they get older. Adolescent girls, in particular, are concerned about eating dairy because they think it will make them fat. But the research found that the opposite is true.

The researchers did frequent dietary surveys on 106 families with children and followed them an average of 12 years. They judged body fat by measuring the skin thickness on 4 parts of their bodies. They found that those who consumed less than 2 servings a day averaged about an extra inch of fat in a fold of skin, a surprisingly large amount. The children’s average skin fold thickness was 75 mm, while those who ate little dairy were 25 mm greater.

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Other findings from the research were:

- Youngsters who ate moderate amounts of fat, between 30 to 35 percent of total calories, weighed less than those who ate either more or less.

- Increased consumption of fruits and vegetables was also associated with lower weight.

- Contrary to one popular theory, the glycemic index of children’s diet, the amount of fast-burning carbohydrates, had no bearing on their eventual weight gain.

However, how dairy food might moderate weight gain is a mystery, at least for the time being. It is suspected that calcium or some other nutrient in milk might help influence the way the body stores energy in fat cells. Or perhaps dairy foods simply make children feel less hungry.

The research, including several other studies, also showed that children and adults who consume adequate amounts of dairy foods have lower blood pressure. Some researchers have even put adults on diets with increased dairy and found, to their surprise, that they also seem to lose weight.

Obesity and high blood pressure are known to be two risk factors for heart disease. Perhaps, you might want to persuade your children or even yourself drinking moderate amount of milk on a daily basis just to keep the heart healthy.

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Metabolism Processing the Fuel for the Body

This article is about metabolism. It discusses how metabolism affects a person’s weight. Everybody has a different basal metabolic rate, it depends on a person’s age, gender, height, body mass, environment, diet, and the amount of stress they have. Exercising helps increase metabolism by using energy during and after exercise, and also by increasing a person’s muscle mass.

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It is a common belief that slim people generally have higher metabolism rate that those of overweight and obese people. That isn’t necessarily true. Weight is not directly connected to metabolism. One’s weight is dependent on the balance of the total calorie consumption as opposed to the total number of calories expended. Once a person eats more calories that his body needs, expect a weight gain to follow. Just the same, taking in less that what the body requires and a weight loss will follow.

Your body requires a minimum amount of calories per day to be able to maintain its essential functions like breathing, maintaining your heartbeat, and keeping the brain properly functional. This is called your basal metabolic rate (BMR). There is a great likelihood that the body burns more calories that your basal metabolic rate, unless you spend the entire day in bed doing nothing.

Your basal metabolic rate accounts for sixty to seventy percent of your daily caloric needs. Several factors affect a person’s basal metabolism, it includes:

· Age. A person’s BMR lowers as he ages.
· Height. Studies have also shown that taller people have higher BMR.
· Gender. BMR is generally higher in men than in women.
· Body composition. People who have more muscle that fat have higher BMRs.
· Environmental temperature. BMR has also been noted to be generally higher in extreme temperatures of heat or cold.
· Diet. People who live on low calorie diets have low BMRs.
· Stress. BMR appears to increase during periods of stress and anxiety.

Factors like age, gender, and height are difficult to change as we cannot stop ourselves from ageing, or change our height or our gender. However, we have control of other affecting factors to change our basal metabolic rates.

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· People who live in areas of extreme temperatures of hot or cold may need to increase their calorie intake to keep their body temperatures normal and support all vital body functions.

· Stress may help burn extra calories, however it is not advisable to subject yourself to mental or emotional stress just for this reason. Physical stress on the body, like pregnancy or growth, may also increase a person’s metabolic rate.

· Quick weight-loss diets affect the body by slowing it down, causing the body to initiate energy conservation and decrease its metabolic rate. Not skipping the important meals of the day may increase a person’s energy expenditure by 10% as eating requires calories for digesting, absorbing, transporting and metabolising food.

· Exercising helps your metabolism in two ways. First, it helps burn calories while performing the exercise, and it burns even more calories after you stop exercising. It takes as long as twelve hours for a person’s metabolic rate to return to its normal rate after exercising. Second, it helps form more muscle, therefore adding to muscle mass that also helps speed up your metabolism. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

Keeping yourself healthy not only entails that we avoid vices and harmful substances. It also includes eating right and maintaining an active lifestyle. Healthy eating, coupled with the right amount of exercise and the right company leads to a better, happier, healthier life.

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All The Secrets of Mangosteen

There's a great deal of talk about mangosteen going around the health community these days. Why? Because mangosteen is a newly discovered fruit. When I say newly discovered I mean the fact that research has been done that proves all types of theories that mangosteen has the ability to heal many diseases and in fact increase people's lifespan. So what is it?

There's a great deal of talk about mangosteen going around the health community these days. Why? Because mangosteenis a newly discovered fruit. When I say newly discovered I mean the fact that research has been done that proves all types of theories that mangosteen has the ability to heal many diseases and in fact increase people's lifespan. So what is it?

Mangosteen Fruit

Mangosteen is the fruit of a slow-growing ultra-tropical tree. It has been grown and used in Asia for centuries, but isn’t easily cultivated in the Western world. When the tree is about ten years old, it begins to produce small purplish fruits. These fruits are what the buzz is about.

The fruit has two parts: a thick, purplish hull and a soft, white inner fruit.  The inner fruit is prized for its delicate flavor, and it is called “The queen of fruit.”  It’s the hull that has the most health benefits, though.

It's important to not that the actual hulls of the mangosteen don't taste anywhere near as good as the outside flesh so don't be shocked when you bite into the middle, because I told you so! It's usually a more bitter taste and you'll find that the center is where the purple juice is stored. Mangosteens are known fro having high density stores of xanthones.


Xanthones are nutrients that are powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants repair cell damage and improve cell function. Xanthones work on all of our body systems. They are good for brain function, heart and lung function, immune system function, muscle and joint function and digestive function. They have powerful health effects because they work at the cellular level, and they work in all of our cells.

Benefits of Mangosteen Xanthones

Most of the talk about mangosteen has been directed towards its ability to improve different areas of health. There has been a great deal of research done on mangosteen and so far every result has been promising the say the least. Individual anecdotal reports show that this fruit has real and powerful health benefits.

One of the benefits that mangosteen is said to contribute towards is the reduction of hives on people who have strong allergies. Many people who have tried fruit will tell you that their allergies have become less and less frequent ever since they started eating mangosteen. Another benefit that that researchers still aren't 100% sure about is mangosteen's potential to reduce the likelihood of people getting cancer. This information is only speculation, however many lifetime consumers of mangosteen will tell you otherwise and in fact support the argument that mangosteen does reduce the likelihood of getting cancer later in life.

One other supposed benefit is mangosteen's potential to improve respiritory infections such as asthma. This is probably one of the biggest reasons why people in the Western world have become so fanatical about Mangosteen.

Finally the last benefit that mangosteen is contributed for is its ability to improve skin strenth. You can actually get mangosteen oitment which is reasonably cheap compared to the fruit that health to heal skin marks and sores. Hives being one example.

It’s important to understand that these claims haven’t been proven yet; the research is still preliminary. This fruit may or may not be the cure for the common cold and cancer.  However, because it definitely has the health benefits of high concentrations of antioxidants, it could make you feel better and healthier.

New High Fiber Foods and Health Drinks Are Better Than Juicing

Shopping at the grocery store for quality produce, cleaning, chopping, juicing and preparing fruits and vegetables to get the recommended 25-35 grams of fiber each day is time consuming. Guzzling quarts of plain, flavorless liquid for all the benefits of drinking water is not much fun. Fortunately, today, it is easier than ever to consume high fiber foods and health drinks that are easy to prepare and tasty, but you have to change the way you shop, and the way you think about nutrition.

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Some people think juicing is the most efficient way to get fiber, complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals or other nutrients from fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, it can be difficult and disappointing to spend hours cleaning and preparing the piles of produce necessarry for a small glass of juice. While juicing may have been super for Jack Lalanne, it is not a task you must spend so much time on each day in order to consume enough high fiber foods and health drinks. Instead, spend a few minutes searching the net for all natural high fiber foods and health drinks that are not sold in stores. You will find that there are better options for getting complex carbohydrates, natural antioxidants and soluble fiber in your daily diet, just as you would from a glass of fresh juice, but without the expense or hassle of juicing.

Even if you can digest the recommended 25-35 grams of fiber in food and half your body weight in ounces of water every day, as experts recommend, you may not be getting the best nutrition available. Most people find this prospect hard to swallow, and give up quickly on ever reaching perfect health and fitness. It takes too much time, effort and energy to buy, prepare, and devour that much produce, and who can guzzle that much water every day without craving some kind of flavor or enhancement? Consuming fruits, vegetables and water every day is important, and now, superior fitness can be achieved with ready to eat high fiber foods and health drinks not found in grocery stores.

Yes, there are now some very beneficial high fiber foods and health drinks that are made with concentrated nutrients from plants, so that small amounts generate big results. You won't find these concentrated health foods and drinks on the shelves at your local grocery store, and certainly not in the refrigerator section of the convenience store. We're not talking about so-called "enhanced vitamin water" beverages filled with fructose, artificial sweeteners and isolated vitamins, or energy drinks boosted with caffeine and sugar. Instead, we are referring to naturally produced health drinks, concentrated with real whole food plant sources such as cocoa, strawberry, lemons, peaches and raspberries. These health drinks are loaded with natural antioxidants, complex carbohydrates, and some have several grams of soluble fiber, plus protein from plants. Your body understands how to process these natural ingredients better than man-made chemically produced, artificial products being sold in stores, and you achieve better results for your overall health.

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You don't have to consume mass quantities of plants to achieve the results that high fiber can offer for keeping your digestive system running smoothly. Try some delicious high fiber foods available in natural, tasty shakes that you can mix with water or other liquids for much of the fiber you need. Throw in a few frozen banana pieces or berries to mix with the powdered shakes and you are quickly on your way to the fiber and nutrients you need each day with all the complex carbohydrates and essential vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables Best of all, the shakes taste good. Some even contain FOS, fructooligasacharides, a pro biotic soluble fiber found in foods like garlic, onions or barley. Who wants to have garlic or onions for breakfast when it is easier to have a quick, tasty shake made with real strawberries or cocoa? That makes it so easy to get more essential fiber, complex carbohydrates and natural antioxidants for breakfast than most people get all day.

Drinking diet sodas or high caffeine energy drinks to get fit is like lifting 12 oz cans of beer to build muscle up. Those types of drinks only tear your body down, while health drink formulas made from all natural ingredients give your body the nutrients it needs to build it up. Water is good, but it can be tasteless and boring to drink half your body weight in ounces of plain water every day. When you can drink a quart of water enhanced with all natural antioxidants and complex carbohydrates for better taste and more benefits, why wouldn't you? Again, we're not referring to loading up on caffeine, sugar, or vitamin water beverages with isolated vitamins and minerals. Instead, we are talking about enhancing the benefits of drinking water with natural fruits and whole vitamins and minerals from real foods found in nature. It is so easy now to find these carefully produced, powerfully charged health drink formulas that you don't need to shop every health food store or grocery store. You won't find them there, but you will find them on the Internet. You have to step out of your comfort zone, change the way you think about nutrition, and change the way you shop for all natural high fiber foods, health drinks, and other essential nutrition.

Changing my diet to a more contemporary way of eating high fiber foods and increasing the benefits of drinking water with super concentrated health drinks has worked quite well for me. I lost 8 pounds in the first week and thirty pounds in the first month of my new diet. I have easily kept that weight off for more than six years by using the same high fiber foods and health drinks referred to in this article. I hardly ever shop at the grocery store these days, and get more nutrition for about three dollars from a quickly made, concentrated, all natural shake than most people get in a week. When you find the simple steps to perfect health you will wonder how you ever lived without them, much the way we wonder how we ever lived without computers and cell phones. So, get out of the grocery store, get on the net, get your nutrition delivered to your door, then go out and live life!

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Fit Is Simply Not Enough If You Are Fat

Being fit but fat is simply not good enough. Excess weight can take years off your life, even if you get plenty of exercise.

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Being fit but fat is simply not good enough. Excess weight can take years off your life, even if you get plenty of exercise. This was the finding of a study published in 2004 in New England Journal of Medicine.

The study was based on questionnaires used in the Nurses’ Healthy Study, which followed more than 116,000 female nurses for 24 years, and on death certificates and medical records.

Women who were active but obese had almost twice the risk of death of women who were both active and lean. Women who were sedentary but slender were 55 percent more likely to die early. Those who were both sedentary and obese were almost 250 percent more likely to die.

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Being physically active did not cancel out the increased mortality of overweight. Being lean did not counterbalance the risk effect of being sedentary. The findings would probably apply to men as well, as indicated by the study.

If you are lean but you are sedentary, do not fool yourself. You are still at risk. You need to get physical active. This is the warning given by one of the researcher. He also opposed the suggestion that if you are particularly active, you do not have to worry about your body weight, about your diet. This study, however, did not specify any particular disease that leads to the death. As we all know, obesity or over-weight can lead to many disease including heart disease, diabetes, etc.

If you had ever read my previous article – "Be Active towards Fitness", you would probably remember that when it comes to heart disease, being fit is as important as being thin, according to a report published in 2004 in the Journal of American Medical Association. This is somewhat conflicting but in the research conducted for health issues, this is not uncommon. In one study, one food or activity may be bad for our health yet in another research; it can be proven to be beneficial to us.

Another study on obesity conducted by Swedish doctors also in 2004 reported that weight loss and the protection against diabetes for patients undergoing obesity surgery like stomach stapling, etc. are major and long-lasting. The researchers looked at more than 4,000 people, about half of whom underwent surgery. The other half were advised to change their habits, or got no treatment at all.

Two years later, the surgery group had lost about 23 percent of its weight, while those in the comparison group weighed almost exactly the same. Ten years later, the comparison group had gained an average of 1.6 percent. Those who underwent surgery had regained a larger percentage – but were still 16 percent below their original weights. Many surgical patients recovered from diabetes, and the operation prevented many new cases.

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Water Is The Bodys Lifeblood And Is Extremely Substantial

The body can last few weeks without food, but will not survive the same length without water. Water is extremely vital to the human body. Your body is composed of 55-75 percent of water. This liquid serves as the basis of urine, digestive juices, perspiration, and even blood, and is retained within the lean muscles, bones and fats.

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Since the body cannot naturally store water, you need to replenish it with fresh supplies each and every day to make up for the lost amounts from you skin, feces, lungs and urine.  Water is necessary to keep your body in shape and your muscles and cells well functioning.  Among the many uses of water in the body, it aids in regulating the bloodstream for convenient circulation through the blood vessels, helps in eliminating unnecessary wastes from metabolism, flushes out unwanted toxins, regulates the body’s temperature by sweating, cushions and lubricates joints, carries oxygen and nutrients to the different parts of the body.  Actually, these are just few of the substantial uses and importance of water within the human body.

Fresh water consumption is vital to keep you hydrated and to reduce the chances of several diseases.  Taking more alcoholic drinks or decaffeinated beverages increase frequency urination.  By this, you lose body water.  Alcoholic and decaffeinated drinks bring on some diuretic effect into your body, which means they triggers the kidneys to discharge more urine.  In doing so, you not only lose water but other essential nutrients and soluble vitamins like vitamin B or thiamine, vitamin C, and vitamin B complex.  It is advisable that for every cup or glass of that alcoholic or decaffeinated drink you gulp, add an extra glass of pure and clean water.

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A good diet consists of several servings of vegetables and fruits are extremely beneficial.  It is not only rich with nourishing supplements, but it is sure to provide you with an approximate four cups of refreshing water supply every day.  But even with a diet filled with these fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, you still need to take six to eight more cups of glasses of water daily to reach the sufficient water level your body needs every day.  

When the water level in your body is not enough to supply its need for normal functions, you will be dehydrated.  Dehydration results to many unfavorable and miserable maladies that if not given attention to can result to more severe and even fatal conditions.  To avoid such alarming predicament, do not forget to increase your fluid intake. 

Dehydration can be detected by symptoms of lethargy, headache, slow responses, mood swings, cracked lips, dry nasal passage, dark-colored urine, hallucinations, tiredness, confusions, and weakness.  Other symptoms not mentioned may also be indicated by dehydration cases.  As soon as some abnormalities are observed, seek medical help right away.  For worst scenarios, a dehydrated person stops urinating, and there will be some kidney malfunctions, and waste products cannot be naturally removed resulting to accumulation of toxins within and unfortunately, leads to something fatal as death.

As plain as it is, water is therefore, extremely important to one’s body and health in general.  A recommended minimum of eight glasses must be consumed daily.  This is enough to provide the body with its needed liquid supply for its system to function normally and healthily.  It is imperative that if you exert in a more stressful and physical activity, you double your water intake, as such activity requires much water fueling.

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Five Steps to Freedom from Worries

The article is about the heavy burden caused by worry, stress, and anxiety. Most people actually feel the stress and anxiety of dealing with relationship and financial issues, career challenges, and other matters that elicit fear, tension, and insecurity. The article also cites a number of ways or steps that should be taken by a person to overcome worry.

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Merriam-Webster defines “worry” as a mental distress or agitation that usually comes from something that is both feared and anticipated.  The source of ones worries can either be real or imagined. Worrying causes so much stress and anxiety. We use so much our our mental energy, time, and even resources to control or attempt to manage our worries.  But no matter what we do, these worries don't really give us peace of mind.  

But what does worrying do for us?  Worry is like a dense fog that can cloud our vision and slow us down. It even knocks out our sense of proportion.  When we worry about things that happened in the past, we fail to move on in life.  We also worry about health, money, and other things that have yet to happen --- a situation that causes us even more trouble.

We worry about our careers...bills...house payments...tuition fees...who our kids are dating...the stock market...interest rates...the ozone layer... and even about comets hitting the earth.  Our “enslaving expectations” make us restless and afraid.  Discontentment and worry destroys our personal peace and “eats us alive.”  Being enslaved by worries is like being inside a pressure cooker. It is like living in a state of chronic frustration. Our dissatisfaction also magnifies our weaknesses.  

Another cause for worry is when we needlessly compare ourselves to others or when we are consumed by envy and greed.  Keeping up with the Joneses is another social malady that afflicts so many people.   Insecurity and lack of confidence makes some individuals look and see how “other people's grass is always greener.”   This situation drives them to equal or even surpass other people's material possessions  or social standing.  Worse, they do this using pretense and other inauthentic means of improving their status.  Material gain is not celebrated as proof of financial success but more so as a means not to “look smaller” compared to the neighbors, officemates, and other sources of envy.   

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How do we deal with worries, then?

The first step to dealing with worry is to identity what worries you the most. Accepting that you have fears is the first necessary step.  

The second step is to tell yourself that worries are not necessarily logical or rational.  It is important for a worrier to start believing that their worries can be solved.  While having feelings of worry is a valid emotion, a worrier must really decide to start the journey to freedom from fear.  

The third step is to make a sensible plan on how to address those worries.  For example, if your children frequently come home late at night, give your children mobile phones so that you can always keep in touch.  The worrier must take action and correct situations that cause anxiety.

The fourth most important step is to let go.  Letting go is key to overcoming worry and all the stress that comes with it.   Letting go entails having faith that “...God will make things work together for good.”  it does not mean that one gives up in resignation. Letting go is simply entrusting one's work or one's life to a higher power after one has already done the best he or she could under the circumstances.  After you've done everything you could, there is already no point in being in anguish over life's many details and tasks.

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Top 15 Food You Will Enjoy That Aid Your Digestion

More than anything else, these lifestyle strategies can keep your digestive system running efficiently and trouble-free.

Even if you eat healthy food, it can be hard to digest if you make it unwelcome. If you’re rushed or stressed or preoccupied you can ruin even the most wonderful meal because your stomach will be in knots, denied the full attention of your muscles and circulatory system. So try to make the experience of eating a pleasurable and relaxed one, uncompromised by too many distractions. You need to indulge in your food.

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Food That Aid Digestion

High in pectin, a soluble fiber that can help your body’s systems to function well.

Aloe Vera
A plant whose bitter juice, when heavily diluted, may ease all sorts of symptoms of Irritable Bowel Symptom and other digestive disorders.

Another cheap, easily available fruit that can help soothe gastrointestinal ulcers, especially if the bananas are not overly ripe. Also high in fiber.

In raw or cooked form it’s high in fiber and aids digestion.

Licorice tea
Great for treating and preventing mild constipation and very yummy.

Linseed tea
Using linseed or flaxseeds in a tea is great for healing the bowel if you suffer from Irritable Bowel Symptom.

Like Apples, very high in pectin, especially in the white parts that people often don’t eat. So eat them.

Seriously high in fiber.

These are actually dried plums, and in their whole or juice form have a profoundly laxative effect. Great for those with constipation.

Like other cultured foods, it stimulates the growth of friendly intestinal flora. And miso soup is so good for the soul!

Very high in fiber. It’s sweet, therefore more kid-friendly than some other high-fiber vegetables.

Believe it or not, the fruit with the highest level of fiber.

Ocean vegetables such as agar, nori, and kelp all have important minerals and trace elements that can help maintain digestive function.

Another cultured food product that keeps friendly flora thriving.

Milk cultured or fermented with bacteria that can soothe the gut and balance your intestinal ecology. It’s important to get plain yogurt. The flavored ones contain high levels of sugar, which can reverse the good effects of the micro flora. Just add your own fresh fruit, either whole or pureed, and it will be sweet enough.

Like raisins, prunes are rich in fiber and anthocyanidins. They’re great for preventing and relieving constipation. I like to drink prune juice as often as I can.

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By keeping my fiber intake up, I not only avoid getting constipated but also reduce my risk of other digestive complaints. The fact is, as we get older, our digestive systems become a lot more temperamental. One reason is that the muscles lining our digestive tracts, especially our intestines, grow weaker. Another is that our stomachs slow their production of acid, which can cause stomach pain and impair the absorption of certain nutrients. Then there’s the whole issue of prescription drugs older folks are more likely to be using them, yet they’re known to take a serious toll on the gut.

If you want to ward off all manner of digestive ailments, my advice is to eat plenty of fiber, drink plenty of fluids, and get plenty of exercise. More than anything else, this trio of lifestyle strategies can keep your digestive system running efficiently and trouble-free.

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Forget your Health Problems and Live Long Life

Are you looking to improve and lead an active lifestyle. Health is a subject which we are concerns about and proper health care provision will helath to be healthy and strong.

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Here are the topic which will take a look at:

Fitness and excercies: Men’s always aim to improve their physique, fitness and exercising has became a common way to get in well built and to be healthy. Well quality of health care is also affected by lack of training and education to health care professional so before getting stared with your exercises need to consult good professional fitness doctor. He will guide and help you to buildup your body.

Healthy diet: Analyzing your diet is a part of being healthy. Yes proper diet help us to be healthy and fit. Diet should be less oil and more of green vegetable so you body get all the required vitamins. If you are gaining unwanted weight or have any digestion problems it’s always good to take an opinion of your dietician. It will definitely help you in accordance to your diet and nutrition. Like balanced eating, dietary needs, food allergies, dieting, healthy foods, additives, preservatives and emulsifiers.

Sports and adventure: Men’s are generally found of sports and adventure. But many times they get injured or some times get some or the other health problems. To play under guidance of trainee will help you to enjoy the game.

Men’s above 45 ages generally get muscle and joint pain after playing to avoid all such pain and training is required which will result in reduction of such health problems.

General health: Health is important to us all but there are some diseases, conditions and health issues that are of special interest to men. Always be fit and fine visit doctor once in a month. It is said that prevision is always better then cure. To keep all the diseases away and all the health related problems. Live a health and long life.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

How To Achieve Your Health Goals!

Is it really possible to achieve your health goals this year? Is there a way that guarantees that your goals are achieved, or are you at the mercy of luck?

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My answer to you is Yes, you can achieve your health goals. As much as your logical mind may tell you that effortless goal achievement is impossible, that is still a conditioned belief.

The amazing thing about the universe where we live is that it is an organized place. What keeps it going is what called the laws of the universe. Now, these laws never.

There is one specific law that governs the achievement of your goals. This is the Law of Attraction. You may think of it as harmony, like in music. Like energy attracts and builds, unlike energy repels and destroys. And like in music, it is the vibration from the tuning fork that activated other objects in the room to vibrate as well, vibration is the key. Everything in this universe is made of energy. In fact, it is energy.

All energy vibrates. You vibrate. You are like a giant transmitter and receiver, always sending out and receiving frequencies. That vibration rate changes. For example, when you are happy, you vibrate faster and you feel lighter. So does everything else.

To achieve something, match yourself with its vibration. How do you know what your vibration is? You know by what you feel. Your feelings are your indicator of your vibration. And your imagination, your thoughts, activates your feelings.

1. Write down specifically your health goal, as that crystallizes your thoughts and gives a boost to the manifestation process.

2. Cut out pictures that correspond to your goal. You use these to match your vibration to your achieved goal and make it happen. Your health goal would lead you to imagine what you could do when you are fully healthy and vibrant.

3. You program your conscious, subconscious mind through your emotions, so that they all match your goal. Take some quiet time to think how it will feel to have your health back. Write down some specific activities you will do. Will you be able to play tennis with your grandson again? Will you be wearing a bathing suit on the beach next summer? Write down the feelings you expect to get from this new car. Include sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and touch. Write down the benefits you will get from having your health back.

4. Familiarize your conscious, unconscious mind and your emotions with the total feelings of having achieved your goal already. Close your eyes and imagine yourself at the point just after you achieve your goal. Run that movie in your head. Do this 10, 20 or even 100 times, until it feels natural to you. It will feel like the next natural step when it actually happens. Be in that feeling right now. Don’t try to imagine what it will feel like then. Feel it now.

5.Clear any vibrations that contradict your goal. Listen to all the negative thoughts and beliefs that come up when you visualize your goal. You cannot achieve a goal if you feel that you are not worthy of achieving such a goal.

6. Once you have eliminated contradicting vibrations, you are done. Whenever you think of your goal, bring up the total feeling. When a negative feeling comes up, gently let it go and bring up the positive feeling.

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The universe always delivers, but it delivers in the form most suitable to the vibration it received. What does this mean? You cannot insist that your new state of health will come through any particular way, or from a particular diet, or a particular therapy or practitioner.

You cannot insist on the timing either. You do not know what the most efficient delivery is. Your view is definitely more limited than that of the universe. Any insisting will only mess with the vibration (you will feel disappointed because you will have judged yourself based on your insisting). Let go. Detach yourself from the outcome. A result that matches the vibration you put out will be delivered to you. That is guaranteed. Let go, detach, as if it didn't matter. Let go of that feeling of neediness. Trust that the result will occur at the right time. Have the faith of a mustard seed.

8. Act when the opportunity arises. Certain things, books, events and people will come your way. This is the universe orchestrating a synchronicity of events that will lead to your goal being achieved. Stay present and alert. When these come, act upon them. Remember always to be detached. Act purely for the sake of acting, not insisting on a particular outcome. You will find yourself miraculously having achieved your goal, out of the blue, step by step, in a most amazing way that you could not possibly have planned for!

It is true that you can have your health back if you believe it. To learn more about the power of the mind to heal the body and many stories of the law of attraction, visit http://cancer-free-for-life.com to download your ebook immediately. You will also find many FREE articles on alternative healing at http://alternative-health-ebooks.com

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